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View changes made to the patient account.

MicroMD PM keeps a set of audit logs for you: the Patient Log, the Practice Log and the System Log.

The Patient Log tracks changes made to a patient’s account by MicroMD users, as well as by system actions. The log tracks several types of changes, including:

  • Changing a patient’s demographics (such as name and address)
  • Deleting a transaction (such as procedures deleted during a void)
  • Deleting a patient’s plan
  • Changing a patient’s plan (such as plan ID, policy number, group number, plan type, effective dates)
  • Deleting a sub-account
  • Editing a patient’s demographics
  • Deleting or merging sequences

The Patient Log defaults to the log for the current patient. You can search the log for specific text. Type the text in the Note Text field and click Search. If you want to see deleted transactions for a patient, click the Del Trans button.

NOTE: If you place a check mark in the Show All checkbox, the system could take a long time to load the data. This checkbox allows you to the log of all patients in your practice, in one place.

To open the Patient Log, open the Patient Details window for a patient (under Maint. -> Patient) and click Patient Log in the Task Pane.

TIP WITHIN A TIP: If you need to see log entries related to actions taken by a certain MicroMD PM user, type their user name in the Search field as the text you want to find.

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