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Creating shortcuts for text you type frequently.

Do you find yourself typing the same note in a patient’s account, on claim documentation, or in many other text fields in the system? MicroMD allows you to create macro shortcuts called Quick Text. These shortcut phrases automatically insert the defined word(s) or sentence(s). Users can access the Quick Text macros throughout the system (e.g., patient Remarks field, Notes fields, etc.). Users right-click the text field, select Quick Text from the menu that appears and choose the appropriate keyword. The full text appears in the text field, speeding up your notations and keeping wording consistent throughout the system.

For example, when you work with cancelled appointments, you prefer that everyone enter either “Appointment cancelled by the office” or “Appointment cancelled by the patient” in the Notes fields of the appointment. You can create two Quick Text entries: one called Cancel-O and one called Cancel-P. When a user cancels an appointment because the office will be closed on that day for remodeling, they can simply right-click the Notes field and select the Cancel-O entry. The system automatically inserts “Appointment cancelled by the office” in the Notes field.

To create your Quick Text entries, select Setup -> System Preferences from the main menu in MicroMD. Click the Quick Text tab -> Click New in the Task Pane -> enter your keyword, and the phrase(s) that keyword represents.

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