Deadlines for Optional MIPS Participation

Are Right Around the Corner


Just like Spring here in Western Pennsylvania, the deadlines for this year’s optional participation in MIPS are right around the corner.  

Refresher: MIPS is the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, created by CMS to establish the reimbursements earned by patients and practices for treatment of Medicare patients.  Under the MACRA legislation, these new guidelines are set to be mandatory in the year 2018, but you have a chance to practice and receive benefits if you submit for 2017.  You can find out more about this program and the status of your participation here.

Remember that the overall goal of the MACRA legislation, of which MIPS is a part, is to increase the quality of care while lowering the cost of care provided.  As such, they have created a four part composite score that all clinicians and physicians who treat medicare patients will receive based on the information that they provide, and the overall feedback from the patients whom they have treated.  

In 2017, three of the four parts of this composite score are being tested and evaluated.  Those three parts are: Quality, Improvement Activities, and Advancing Care information. The link above will provide more information on these and their overall portion of your composite score.

Its is important to remember that for those who elect to participate, you may elect to submit information as an individual practice or physician, or as part of a group.  You can find out more on those groups in this blog post.



March 16th:

For those using the CMS Web Interface, this is the date that matters for you.  You have until 8PM Eastern Standard Time to utilize this interface and submit the necessary information.


March 31st:

For anyone using any other method of submitting their information to CMS, including those using this is the date that applies for you.  


Between April 1st and December 31st:

CMS will be providing feedback and assessing MIPS scores to physicians and clinicians.