Electronic Medical Records Software

Below are some FAQ’s and How To articles for the Electronic Medical Records Software by MicroMD.

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EMR Tips and Tricks
This document is designed to show users shortcuts and useful tips to maneuver through their EMR.

Questions and Answers

Q. Why can’t I see my scheduled visits?
A: Make sure you have the correct Provider and Location set. Also make sure your filters are set


Q. How can I check to see if my prescriptions went successfully through SureScripts?
A. From your desktop click on the Blue Administration button at the bottom of your desktop navigator panel > select Administrative Panel > Prescription Monitoring. You can set your date range but it defaults to today’s date.


Q. Can the doctor change an encounter once it is signed?
A. No but the doctor can create a revision. Go to the patients chart > Summary Tab > click once on the encounter > Right click > choose Create Revision.


Q. How do I find a deceased patients chart?
A. Click on Charts. Change the Based on to Last Name (Inactive Patients Only). Enter the patients’ last name only.


Q. How can I see what roles and functions were assigned to me?
A. To view the roles and functions assigned to your user account, select Tools > User Preferences from the main menu in the EMR and highlight the Session Profile category.



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