Survey Reveals Small Medical Practices Struggling With HIPAA Compliance

Small Medical Practices

Phase 2 of the HIPPA audits from the Department of Health & Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is underway, and a recent industry survey reveals startling statistics in regards to the audits reveal some startling statistics in regards to small medical practices.

The HIPPA security standard involves 154 separate requirements, with a defined set of audit procedures for each. The first round of HIPPA audits began in October of 2014, with results indicating that two thirds of those audited has no complete or accurate risk assessment programs. In addition, 58 out of 59 health care providers that were audited “had at least one negative finding regarding Security Rule compliance.”

The 2016 survey was designed to measure progress towards HIPPA compliance among small medical practices, consisting of 927 respondents across patient care, officer manager, administrator, billing, office/IT staff, and other roles. With the purpose of identifying whether the healthcare industry has adapted and made progress, the survey yielded the following key results:

  • 54 percent of those surveyed had yet to appoint a Security or Privacy Officer
  • 60 percent of those surveyed are unaware of pending HIPPA audits
  • 30 percent of those surveyed have not yet created a plan
  • 42 percent of owners, managers, and administrators do not provide annual training for their staff

Compliance with current HIPPA regulations is essential to not only the well-being of the patients, but the overall financial well-being of the medical practice. Fines for non-compliance can range from $100 to $50,000 per violation. Past fines that have been levied have been significant, and can be difficult for a smaller medical practice already struggling with a number of changes in the industry.

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