MACRA’s Implementation Has Many Asking

Is MACRA a threat to revenue cycle management in 2018

Is MACRA a Threat to Revenue Cycle Management in 2018?

With so much changing as a result of the MACRA legislation, many practices are wondering how they will manage to maintain their current revenue cycle management, let alone improve it.  With the new legislation comes new data to track and report, data that will be used to compare your practice with others in order to identify ways to improve healthcare.  Your practice’s ability to track these details will result in boon or bust; either earning positive or negative reimbursement payment rates, which will definitely impact your revenue cycle.

The devil is definitely in the details when it comes to MACRA, but that doesn’t mean you have manage them alone.


Don’t Dread the Details

MACRA is asking practices of all types to track new patient data for reporting on care and qualities measures moving forward, which means potential changes to the way information is managed from the point of care to the front office.  While change can and often is frightening, with the right knowledge and tools, it doesn’t have to be.

Main Street Medical leverages the powerful healthcare and revenue cycle management software, dashboardMD to help our clients track, and report on all of the important new data points. Even more importantly, it helps identify and track important key performance indicators among these data points to spot areas for improvement, enabling you to boost your quality score and performance under the new legislation.

Our experts are trained in healthcare revenue cycle management, claims processing and spotting potential reasons for denial and/or rejection, as well as implementing and utilizing dashboardMD to make sure that you practice receives a clean bill of health from CMS under MACRA.


Partner with the Professionals

Rather than investing the time, effort and resources to find trained and experienced professionals, make the easy to choice to hire our experts.  You’ll receive trained staff that has a combined 100+ years of experience in the medical billing industry.  

Leverage our existing partnerships with software providers like dashboardMD and Practice Insight, to save you an extensive investment in time, money and training.  We’ve invested the time to learn the nuances of these softwares and will provide your staff with the necessary guidance and training to confidently utilize these tools.

Together, we’ll identify key areas for improvement in your revenue cycle management, and then select key performance indicators to track and benchmark overtime to spot solutions and responses to challenges.

Rather than hiring additional staff, hire Main Street Medical Consulting, We’ve got you covered from revenue cycle management to MACRA.