Lean on Main Street Medical for your medical billing needs

Lean on us for your medical billing, data analytics and insights to improve the health of your practice

Your patients lean on you for expert advice and guidance about their health and wellness, but who is there for you when you need expertise and guidance navigating complex issues like MACRA and it’s new requirements?  MACRA has created a lot of changes, and these changes have the potential to bring about positive change in healthcare, but change can be daunting.  We get it.  That’s why Main Street Medical has brought together experts to offer assistance and guidance in the many different parts of successfully managing your practice.  

Patients lean on your for advice and guidance.  Lean on the experts in medical billing and practice management for advice and guidance, so that you can focus on your patients. 

Partnering with Main Street Medical doesn’t mean hiring someone to handle your medical billing needs, though we do help take of that for you.  It means gaining access to a team of professionals who are ready to tackle the tough challenges you are facing, as a partner, as a guide, as a resource.  


Expertise in:

  • Medical Billing – Claims processing and denials
  • Front Office Efficiency
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
  • MACRA – MIPS and APMs
  • ACOs


Our team members are equipped with more than just the knowledge to help you navigate these complex changes.  When you partner with Main Street Medical, you gain access to our team of experts, and the tools you need to successfully improve your efficiency and revenue cycle management, gain insights into your patient populations and successfully report the necessary information to MACRA.



Billing automation

Our team of inhouse medical billing experts will take on the various tasks with which your team is currently charged, allowing them to focus on what matters – the health of your patients.  By entrusting us with the daily tasks of medical billing you can essentially automate this task that costs you both time and money.




Using our tools and leaning on the guidance of our experts, you can create registries to track, monitor and better treat your patient populations. Through the use of our preferred analytics tool, dashboardMD, you can keep a close eye on practice productivity and financials.

dashboardMD also enables your practice to set up directories to track and monitor the health of patient populations.  By tracking the treatment of not just an individual with a chronic health issue like diabetes, but the whole of your patients with diabetes, you can train your staff and patients about the importance of routine checkups.  For more, on dashboardMD click here.


Practice Insight

Main Street Medical also offers a powerful online tool to help you prepare for and treat your patients by managing things like tracking insurance eligibility, claims status, tracking and providing proof of your appeal letters and other documentation.

Practice Insight can equip you to receive the maximum MIPS reimbursement payments by providing insights into the Quality Payment Program through its interface with the Alpha II registry.  This tool can further benefit your practice by checking your office policies and procedures against the latest HIPAA compliance mandates.



Help make sure patients come to their appointments and arrive on time, by sending text messages, email and voice mails with important info regarding their appointment. AutoRemind takes the work out of tracking down patients and reminding them of their next appointment, whether it’s a scheduled treatment or wellness visit.  

Combining this tool with patient care gap monitoring from dashboardMD, you can minimize long term gaps in care, which can allow your medical teams to catch issues before they become serious problems.