Is the changing landscape causing your practice to fall behind?

Tips to make sure the leaves are the only thing Falling this year

Is your practice falling behind on its performance this year? With all of the changes happening across the field of medicine it can be hard to keep up and it’s no wonder that some practices are facing difficulty.  Main Street Medical wants to help you stop from falling further behind, and help you keep pace with high performing practices.  With the following tips and a bit of tech, you can make sure the only thing falling this season, are the leaves.


Let’s take a look at some of the hurdles that might have hurt your progress

Regulatory Changes

In 2017, many regulatory changes the stem from the Medicare and Chip Reauthorization Act (MACRA) are taking effect.  You and your team have had a lot to learn there is a good bit of change to implement in order to comply when these changes become mandatory.


Shifts in Technology

From electronic medical record keeping, to patient scheduling we have seen quite a bit of new technology emerge over the last couple of years.  Technology can be very beneficial, after all it’s helping the practices who have adopted it outpace other practices.  At the same time, technology requires an investment, of funds but also time and energy.  If your practice is having trouble keeping pace, it can be hard to take on yet another change.


Staffing Training & Turnover

Running a medical practice is a lot of work, add in the daily tasks for keeping your staff trained and running efficiently and it’s no wonder practices are having a tough go of it.  With the regulatory changes comes changes to insurance, medical billing and the coordination of patient treatment.  

Many practices have one full time or lead medical biller.  Having a single person in charge of all billing and claims processing puts your practice at risk, in the event that something happens to this single person.


Now that we’ve identified the hurdles, let’s look at ways to overcome them and get your practice back up to speed.

Regulatory Changes
Changes in regulatory rules is a fact of life in the medical field.  You can count on new changes every year.  When you team up with the professionals at Main Street Medical, you gain team members who have their finger on the pulse of these changes.  Our team works hard to stay on top of the regulations and rules that impact your practice so that you can focus on making a positive impact on the lives of your patients.

Technology and Training

Researching, implementing and training your staff on new technologies can be a big undertaking, and it’s the main reason many fall behind in this area.  Partnering with Main Street Medical consulting gives you direct access to the technologies you need to stay on top of billing, claims processing, and the day to day insights of running your office.  On top of access to this top notch technology, you gain a team of professionals trained to get your staff up to speed on every piece of technology that we offer.

Solving Staffing Issues

By outsourcing your medical billing needs to the professionals at Main Street Medical, you avoid the risks and pitfalls of having to hire and train your own staff, and are never at risk of a single point of contact handling your billing and claims processing.  With Main Street Medical, no matter the size of your practice, you gain access to a dedicated team of professionals, trained and focused on your practice’s needs.

Are you read to stop falling behind and get ahead of new technologies and regulations with the experts and tools from Main Street Medical? Do you have questions about how they can specifically help your private or hospital managed medical practice? Get in touch with Matt Phillips by calling: 412-428-7700 x309 or send Matt an email.