Competition Inspiring Access to Data

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

As we near the end of our series of blog posts focusing on the benefits of increased competition in healthcare, we get to an important topic, the inspired sharing of data as a collective means of improvement.  The sharing of data has two inspirations, or driving forces: the first being competition, and the second, being MACRA.  


MACRA has included in the legislation, measures to improve the quality of healthcare, while lowering the cost, and set up methods for physicians to share information regarding ways they have improved their services with others.  The old adage “A rising tide lifts all boats” is appropriate here, as though you might compete with other healthcare providers in terms of patients in a geographical location, we are all working together to find ways to improve healthcare.


One of the means that MACRA has created to setup this data sharing is through the mandate of Electronic Health Record systems that can easily export and share data, as a report, with CMS and their various management organizations.  This will ensure that all physicians and hospitals have a means of exporting important data, to find trends and improvements through that data, and then share that with the larger network of healthcare providers and hospitals, thus improving patient experiences and overall health.


If that’s how MACRA is inspiring the dissemination of data, how is competition?  

Physicians and clinicians will be watching patient populations and the data they are producing regarding these populations much more closely, and when they have favorable data that proves their offices and networks are lowering the cost of care, improving the wellbeing of their patients, or other improvements, they’ll be more likely to share this information as a means of advertising to retain and garner new patients.  This sharing of data is more public, or less academic but it will also reach other healthcare providers and inspire them to drill down into their own data sets to find similarities or identify areas where they need to improve.


How can Main Street Medical Help you Track and Share Key Patient Health Data?

We offer a suite of technology and services to help you input, track and share different types of data.  The day to day front office operations can be improved by tracking the right data points and making empowered changes or improvements, in much the same way that the way you treat patients and certain conditions may improve when tracking the right information.  Give us a call today to talk through the different options and training that we offer to begin tracking and improving your data today.