Accountable Care Organizations, Learn More with Main Street Medical Consulting

Accountable Care Organizations

Breaking down the Facts with Main Street Medical Consulting


A hot topic among health care providers right now is accountable care organizations, and how they can help lead to increased efficiency in medical billing and reimbursements based on how they are managed…or by whom they are managed. Main Street Medical Consulting works with physicians, practices and hospital systems, and their different accountable care organizations every day.  So we’re breaking down a few of the facts on this topic.


What is an Accountable Care Organization?


Accountable Care Organizations or ACO’s are groups of doctors, health care practices and hospitals treating Medicare patients, that take on an added level of risk by going one step further than required by MACRA, for the potential to earn added incentives.  

Who can belong to them?


Any healthcare provider or organization can enroll in an ACO and doing so is completely voluntary. There are different types of ACO’s and the type affects who can enroll in these organizations.   These are groups like the Medicare Shared Savings Program, Advanced Payment ACO Model, and the Pioneer ACO Model.  You can learn more about these specific programs from CMS.


Who manages these organizations?


The different ACO organizations are managed either by a group of physicians, by a hospital or group of hospitals or a healthcare system or group of systems.  There are various benefits to the different management styles associated with each, and affect which ACO your practice or hospital should consider in enrolling.


How can I find the right Accountable Care Organization for me? For my practice? For my

hospital or health care system?


There are many different ACO’s available to healthcare practitioners and health systems.  You can find a list of these organizations by state here.  Or you can view a searchable list of them here.  


Can I still work with Main Street Medical Consulting and belong to one of these organizations?


Yes of course!  Whether you currently work with an electronic health record (EHR) system, or are in need of one, Main Street Medical Consulting has experts that can work with you to help you actively participate in the right Accountable Care Organization.


Our in house experts can help you better manage your revenue cycle, reduce the number of claim rejections and better utilize your systems and processes and be able to participate in an ACO.


Some Accountable Care Organizations may have their own billing service of record and require that you utilize this entity for your medical billing services.  Main Street Medical Consulting is happy to provide consultation regardless of whether you utilize our medical billing services or not.