Physician Compare: New Patient Resource to Obtain Information About Medicare-Participating Physicians

CMS Publishes New Patient Resource for Medicare Patients

To obtain information about participating physicians


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, through the MACRA legislation have set for themselves, the goals of improving the quality of care and lowering its cost.  As part of an effort to improve the quality of care, MACRA has established new systems for reporting provider information through their reimbursement systems, MIPs and APMS.  Providers must report information about the care provided and be assessed a quality score.


Pieces of this quality score, will now be made public on a new website called Physicians Compare.  This website was created as a means of providing a resource both Medicare patients seeking information on new participating healthcare providers, and for physicians, so that they can compare their practice against others, and to learn new ways of improving their quality score based on the performance of other practices.  


To be listed on this new optional website, there are a few qualifications:


  1. You must be a physician, clinician, or member of a provider group.
  2. You must be an approved Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS).
  3. You must have a valid physical address.
  4. You must have National Provider Information (NPI).
  5. You must have submitted at least one Fee-for-Service Claim in the past 12 months.
  6. For Groups: Must have at least two approved physicians


Unlike other areas of MACRA, participation in the Physician Compare website is optional, and meant to be a beneficial resource.  The more physicians and practices participating in the site, the greater a resource it becomes.  


To be listed on the website, you, your practice or your group must submit your information.  After the information is submitted, there is a 30 day window for review, after which the information goes live on the website.  For more about these qualifications and participating in the Physician Compare website, please visit the site here.

What information is listed on the site?


  1. Physical Address
  2. Phone Number
  3. Primary and Secondary Specialty
  4. School and year of graduation
  5. Hospital affiliations based on information from PECOS
  6. If you support the US Department of Health and Human Services Million Hearts initiative
  7. Performance on Particular Quality Measures