2017: The Year of Change in Health Care

2017: The Year of Change in Healthcare

Main Street Medical Consulting Your Bellwether Through It all

There are a lot of unknowns facing physicians and clinicians this year and there is understandably confusion and even concern.  Through all of the changes that are being and will be implemented, Main Street Medical Consulting is a resource that you can trust to help make unknowns clear and the uncertainty fade away.


Impending Changes


Alternative Payment Models

We’ve spent a good bit of time and real estate on the blog talking about the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015.  Even though the legislation was passed in 2015, the first widespread changes are being implemented this year.  One of the biggest changes is impacting the reimbursement or payment models.  

Though the changes are an effort to make it easier to seek and qualify for reimbursements is a positive aspect, incentivizing higher quality and more affordable care for the patients, puts responsibility or stress on physicians and clinicians.  Patients aren’t always keen to listen to doctors warnings when it comes to finishing or staying the course of their treatment, especially when it impacts their daily lives.  We can understand the frustrations that this aspect of the legislation, and while Main Street Medical Consulting can’t do anything to change patient attitudes toward health care, we can make managing the billing side easier.  

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Value Based Care

The shift to value based care is happening at even faster rate now.  While some of the details are still being ironed out, this change is one that is sure to happen in 2017.  This shift has left some feeling uncertain about their ability to receive the full payments they need to keep their practices running smoothly.  

We can help you make sure that you are enrolled in alternative payment models through the insurance providers in your area.  We can also help you make sure that you understand for which programs you qualify and provide you with the resources that you need to make the right decisions.


Repeal or Reorganization of the ACA

This is probably the biggest unknown and has the potential to cause a number of changes to the health care system.  We won’t pretend to know what will happen when the president elect takes office and sets his sights on this major system, but we will pledge to stay on top of the developing changes and bring you updates, and explanations so that you can quickly understand what impacts your office will feel.


The Unknown

In every other market besides healthcare the adage, the only constant is change itself, holds true.  In the years before the Affordable Care Act, there was relatively little change, and if there was, it was relatively easy to manage.  It would seem as though change has finally caught up with the health care system.  The changes listed above are sure to be just a few of the changes that are coming down the pike, but no matter what change does arrive at your door, the medical billing experts at Main Street Medical Consulting will be here to help you answer.