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Autoposting Sequestration when Medicare is secondary payer

It has been brought to our attention that when clients are utilizing the Auto Payment Posting feature in MicroMD PM and Medicare is the secondary payer, that sequestration is not posting. The result is a small balance left on the sequence.

This is probably not been noticed as it has no ill effect on the balancing of the ERA or check since sequestration is identified as an adjustment. It will require clients to manually post the sequestration to the sequence.

The reason that sequestration is not posting, however, is because the Auto Payment Process is utilizing the blue window box for posting the secondary payment. The blue window box does not have a field for misc deductions or withholdings.

We have submitted a request to Henry Schein to have this fixed due to the increasing number of subscribers with Medicare secondary. We will let you know when this has been resolved.

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