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How to Set up a Budget Payment

When you need to establish a budget plan for a patient, MicroMD PM allows you to enter a budget amount for the patient, as well as the initial due date of that payment.


  • Create a patient category called BUDGET (under Setup > System Classes/Categories). This allows you to generate a report and identify those patients currently on a budget plan.
  • Place a check mark in the Budget Amounts checkbox on the Billing Preferences tab (under Setup > Practice Preferences). This enables the Next Payment and Due on fields on the Patient Detail window.


  • Enter the agreed payment amount in the Next Payment field on the Patient Detail window. This amount appears on the patient’s bill/statement.
  • Enter the due date of that initial payment in the Due on field. (This is for informational purposes only.)
  • Set the Patient Category field to BUDGET

You can generate the Patient Aging report (under Reports -> AR) to display a list of patients currently on a budget plan.

  • Select the BUDGET category from the Patient Category field.
  • Place a check mark in the Landscape checkbox. (This shows you the amount of the last patient payment and the date is was paid.)

TIP: Choose Detail from the Report Type section to see the date of the patient’s last payment.

For more in-depth details, please refer to the MicroMD PM User’s Reference Manual under Budget.

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