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Main Street Medical Testimonials

We are happy we switched to Main Street Medical Consulting as a Billing Service. They have a deep background in healthcare billing which makes everything run smoothly and saves a lot of time. They work with insurance companies on our behalf, which makes everything go smoothly because they know how the insurance companies work, this has significantly decreased our rejected claims. Main Street Medical Consulting’s staff is extremely knowledgeable about insurance companies, coding, billing modifiers, and all of those ever changing issues with healthcare billing, their entire staff stays up to date on the evolution of healthcare billing. They even went so far as to work with me on getting some custom reporting that my office finds valuable. I am personally pleased with our experience, Main Street’s staff is always on top of any issues that arises and ready with a fast follow up.

Podiatry Group, Western PA

We already had Main Street Medical Consulting’s software for a few years when our biller retired. We were left with a big decision, how to move forward. Many of those familiar with billing in our office were already stretched too thin, and the hiring process would put too big of a gap in our incoming revenue. Main Street Medical’s Billing Services were our ideal solution. It is a huge relief knowing that claims were being handled and followed up on, and that there were no disruptions in our revenue due to our staff being too busy.

The biggest benefits we have encountered are that our billing is done on a regular schedule with no issues; our offices are no longer redoing and resubmitting our claims, Main Street has a lot of experience billing so they catch issues before sending them out. Our representative at Main Street is extremely responsive and easy to work with, anytime I have a question I can rest assured that Main Street has a solution. I can only hope that other offices see the same benefits as we have, that is why we were so willing to give a shining testimonial for our partners at Main Street Medical Consulting.

Geriatrics Group, Western PA

I knew I needed to start using an EMR. My Biggest concern was I was not very computer literate. The Main Street Medical way of development and training, took all of my fears away. Once I started using the EMR, I could not believe how easy it was to enter the encounters. Our practice has gained efficiencies in the following areas:

Chart Access
Electronic Prescriptions
Voice Recognition/Limiting Transcriptions

Through the automation delivered by Main Street Medical, we have enjoyed a significant Return on Investment.

My only question now is “why did I wait so long”.

Pediatric Practice
Butler County, PA

Most EMR’s tend to slow down the efficiencies in your office. We found the MicroMD EMR deployed by Main Street Medical, to be straightforward and user friendly. This allowed me to do my encounters as fast as before, if not faster. Furthermore, integration with practice management has been fantastic, time saving and accurate.

It allows staff to handle all facets of the medical office in a quick, accurate and efficient manner. Due to wonderful Main Street Medical support and gains in efficiencies, the system has paid for itself in less than a year. I can better serve my patients with fast and easy access to their data as well as improving their care process with tools like eprescribing. The system gives me and the patient what they need faster.

Internal Medicine Practice
Johnstown, PA

The difference between moving paper and moving electronic data is staggering, the whole practice becomes more efficient when patient-specific information is created and shared electronically.” One of the keys to success is the onsite training and deployment the practice has received from Main Street Medical.

The EMR is comprehensive, yet it’s able to be customized and the onsite training and deployment has proven to be the magic bullet as Main Street Medical accelerated our learning curve and helped us get the most out of our conversion to the EMR platform.

Orthopaedic Practice
Youngstown, OH

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