We help Regional Hospitals evaluate their practices performance, implement the technology to make them efficient and collect the maximum revenue available. We can work with your existing software or provide you with a state of the art practice management and EMR application free. We are your best Medical Billing Solution!

We scale as the practice grows by providing a knowledgeable staff that assures consistent revenue collections, maintained with sound processes and performance measured by key performance indicators second to none.

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Medical Billing Solution for Hospitals
Front Office Medical Billing Management

Extend technology to your practices for patient registration, appointment scheduling, insurance eligibility checking and maximization of patient collections.

Medical Billing Solutions

We apply the most current technology to create, submit, post and follow up on claims which ensures effective efficient revenue cycle management.

Medical Custom Reporting

PQRS, Meaningful Use, HIPPA risk assessments, and revenue maximization. Complete analytics to manage your practice and reporting for quality care initiatives.

Hospital Medical Consulting Services

We evaluate practice performance, assist with the on boarding process and make recommendations to improve efficiency and profitability. We help you manage and maintain compliance in a constantly changing environment.


With declining third party reimbursements, an increase in denials and skyrocketing patient deductibles, Main Street Medical’s expertise is critical to the health of your practice. To ensure the highest quality service, we work with you individually to develop a comprehensive billing solution to meet the specific needs of your practice. We analyze your practice's medical billing effectiveness, identify areas for improvement. Utilizing our Practice Management Services you will experience:

  • Reduced over-head costs
  • Quicker payment turn-around time
  • Increased cash flow and revenues
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Additional income

...and you'll have more time to get back to focusing on what you do best: Practicing Medicine.

Our Process: We are more than just Revenue Cycle Manager. We partner with you on the road to improved process, compliance and profitability.

Patient Visit: We extend our application and provide the practice with a robust patient registration and appointment scheduler. Scan patient driver’s license and insurance cards and automatically populate the information fields when registering a patient. Prior to the patient visit you can check their eligibility and their account balance allowing more claim to process when first submitted and more patient balance to be collected.

Claim Submission: Claims are scrubbed for errors and omissions and sent to payers. Every detail of the claim processing is recorded and available for review.

Payments and Patient Billing: Payments are posted and patient balances are billed.

Denial and Appeal Follow Up: Denied and rejected claims are followed up corrected and appealed. Information requests for resubmissions are managed through our workflow software that allow both MSMC and the practice to track all of the activity associated with working the claims. All of our work is fully transparent to you.

Revenue: The end result is we maximize your revenue then help you analyze the practice through robust reporting and easy to use dashboards with graphical views of the practice activity.

If you feel the practice group is on track with the management of your revenue or if you feel there might be areas for improvement, MSMC can help you find out.

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