Main Street Medical is Rooted in Medicine

Proud to Call Pittsburgh our Home

The experts at Main Street Medical Consulting serve a range of customers across different areas, but we live and work in Pittsburgh.  Why do we choose a former steel town to call our home?  Pittsburgh might have been the lynchpin of the Industrial Revolution, but it’s famous for many other things as well.  

One of the main reasons we continue to base our operations here in the City of Bridges, is that it’s also the City of Medicine and medical innovation.  In this tier two city, there are not one but three renowned hospital systems.  Historically, this city has been at the forefront of medical research, from Jonas Salk curing Polio, to current advances in surgery, oncology treatments and more.

Main Street Medical Consulting serves many medical billing and consulting customers in the Pittsburgh region.  We are thrilled to be able to serve practices who are taking patient care to the next level right here in our own backyard.  Our experts and the excellence of the practices our services extend throughout Pennsylvania.  We support practices and healthcare networks in Johnstown, Erie, Altoona, Indiana, Uniontown, Washington, and Harrisburg to name a few locations.

Just as Pittsburgh has gone high tech, so had Main Street Medical.  Our clients have access to not only the very best experts in the field of medical billing, but an EHR system that we train them how to use, making sense of reporting and helping to maximize their revenue cycle management.  Are you getting the very best from your medical billing partner? Whether you share our hometown of Pittsburgh, practice in West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland or anywhere throughout the country , the experts at Main Street Medical Consulting are eager to help you and your practice thrive.