Make it easy to measure analytics

With dashboardMD and Main Street Medical

As a result of the MACRA legislation, and the recent changes in certain deadlines, many in the healthcare and medical billing industries are talking about Electronic Health Record Software, or EHRs.  The use of these pieces of software are now being mandated as a part of MACRA, as they help to improve the tracking of patient care, the coordination of medical professionals treating a single patient, and therefore cause a reduction in unnecessary or duplicative procedures.  Ultimately, EHRs help to improve the quality of care a patient receives, while lowering the cost of healthcare.  EHRs are important, but they are just one piece of the modern technology suite that can help practices and hospitals run more efficiently, treat patients more effectively, and improve overall revenue cycle management.  

Gain Insight Into Your Practice

The experts at Main Street Medical have spent years learning the different software packages available to healthcare professionals, putting them to the test and really examining which are the most beneficial.  With all of this experience and expertise, we have selected an analytics and reporting tool that helps practices and hospitals gain insights into their billing cycles, revenue management, claims reportings and denials, and much more.  Main Street Medical offers an online application called dashboardMD to all of our clients, helping them track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can help them better manage their revenue, and therefore be better equipped to treat their patients.

dashboardMD Screen Shot - Provider Productivity Dashboard

Data analytics are instrumental to any medical cost-controlling strategy for a number of reasons. Analytics provides clarity and transparency into the overall health of a population of patients, and allows a practice or hospital to identify disease or wellness trends.  Based on this information gained through data analytics, practices and hospitals can improve the focus on implementation and execution of health and wellness initiatives.  These same analytics can also provide insights into budgeting for a practice or hospital, and help them achieve more accurate budgeting and forecasting to positively impact the organization’s growth.


dashboardMD tracks many different parameters and provides metrics on a number of different factors for healthcare organizations, and through a series of pre-built and customized reports, helps those organizations make sense of the immense amount of data now available to them.  dashboardMD has a number of pre-built reports that are beneficial to healthcare organizations, but custom reports are easy to build and run as the organization needs them.  These reports are intricate and compare numerous data points, in seconds, including those needed to fulfill requirements for participation in MACRA.

dashboardMD Screen Shot - Appointment Monitoring Dashboard

Taking reporting one step further, dashboardMD automates all of these reports, running and exporting data so that your team no longer has to manually pull this information.  Not only does this save time, but it ensures the reports will be run and sent to those who rely on the data.  Having immediate access to important data improves office efficiency, equips professionals to make better decisions and leads to better performance, clinically, financially and operationally.

Population Health Management:

With dashboard MD you can gain insights and track populations of your patients with chronic illnesses or conditions, by creating  and monitoring directories.  These directories help your staff plan wellness visits that are comprehensive and ensure that potential new complications are caught and treated before they become big problems.  Take the example of a diabetes patient.  Your staff can make sure that they are scheduling the necessary wellness visits and checks for these patients, and ensure that these visits include important elements, like checking up on the foot health of that longterm diabetes patient.

Eliminate Care Gaps

dashboardMD also helps monitor and spot gaps in patient care, allowing you to reach out to and contact patients who have not been seen by a healthcare professional.  Eliminating or cutting down on these gaps in care can work to ensure that chronic conditions are better treated, and that smaller health issues are caught, treated and monitored before growing into a bigger, more costly problem.

Choose Quality Measures

With MACRA reporting at the top of everyone’s mind right now, it’s imperative to mention that this comprehensive software allows you to choose and track the appropriate quality measures – making it easier to comply with MACRA, and enabling you to make sure that you put your best foot forward as a practice.  Simply select the metrics you’d like to track and run reports as frequently as you’d like.

EHR Compatibility

Pull information from your EHR software system and directly import it into dashboardMD for comprehensive reporting and accurate data analytics.  You’ve made the investment in your EHR system, you should have an analytics tool that works with this software system that your staff has taken the time to implement and on which they have been trained.

Data Warehousing

Your dashboardMD software becomes a powerful database, where you can store the information pulled from several different tools, to integrate into your reports.  Rather than having to pull multiple reports and combine the data, with dashboardMD, reporting is simple yet comprehensive.

With dashboardMD, your practice gains insights into physician productivity, payer mix and performance, claims processing, and denial tracking.  The automation built into the software can even track visits and tell your staff whom to remind to come in for yearly wellness checks.  For more information on dashboardMD and how it can benefit your independent or hospital owned physician practices email Matt Phillips.