Building, Motivating and Rewarding a Winning Team

By MSMedCon’s David Jakielo

Staffing can be your practice’s biggest asset, or biggest challenge.  When you bring together a team of skilled individuals who can work together to solve challenges, motivate each other and accomplish the day’s goals, your practice runs like a well oiled machine.  But what happens when the day isn’t perfect, when morale drops? One thing stops working, then another, communication breakdown causes issues in patient care and elsewhere.  David Jakielo, of the Main Street Medical Consulting Team has built a master presentation on building, motivating and rewarding a winning team.  We’ll take a look at some of his presentation here, but for the full presentation, be sure to meet David at one of our upcoming events.



One of the biggest challenges when trying to motivate staff, is that the motivation is already gone.  When one staff member loses motivation, it can spread, like a disease and infect other staff, causing them to lose motivation as well.  One key way to solve this solution is during the hiring process.  When you bring in new blood, make sure it’s healthy, fully motivated, energized and ready to become an active part of your team.  This injection of motivation will help to combat what’s happening to the rest of your team members and help to solve the problem.



When you have the right people, for the right job, and they are fully motivated to accomplish that job, great things happen. You can teach people to accomplish a task, to do a job, but it’s almost impossible to teach people to be motivated (and trying to can often have the opposite of the desired effect).



You can, however, inspire people who have lost their motivation to become so once again.  Be sure to compliment and praise staff, who deserve it, on a daily basis.  David suggests praising or complimenting a staff member no less than once a week. Be sure to make sure that feedback is specific, sincere and timely.  If not, the praise will miss it’s mark and not have the desired effect.

Following these simple steps can help you create a positive and productive atmosphere in your practice, reducing turnover and the costs associated with it and unproductive workforces.  Saving time and money allows you to focus on other things, like growth, new technology and better ways to serve your patients.  Be sure to catch David Jakielo and his full presentation for more information, tips and advice at upcoming events.